This is the first time I've seen such a dreadful movie.

All you need is a little sleight of hand in your accounting to make people think your company is profitable.

I couldn't make a decision for a long time.

I think Anna will win the race.

Would you like some champagne?

Show me how you did it.

I'll get this to them.

Two of his children had died when they were babies.

Joe asked Louiqa to come home.

Don't start doing that.

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That would be acceptable.

Hi, I'm Sedovic and my friend here is Kate.

I really enjoyed this week.

The sky was full of clouds that night.

Frederic had some unfinished business to attend to.

I got acquainted with him three years ago.

He is very sensitive.

Calvin is better than any other player on the team.

We must maintain a constant vigil.


It seems that Taro doesn't have any girlfriends.

You do that and I'll fire you.

The wise learn a lot from their enemies.

He loves him for his beauty.

Ed is weak.

I think that this isn't correct.

It's a risky plan.

Sanjeev baked me a cake.

That was evident.


For example, we lack the option "only with this group of words".

Our thinking is flexible.

Irony is very present in the English tradition.


Music is a good way to fight silence.

Laura is a lovely woman.

She's smart and quite lovely.


I agree with you 100 percent.


My father is a pilot on the domestic line.

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I don't want to go out.


We're both named Bryan.

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They gave me another raise.

Gigi's defensive.

We must do something.

Is there any bank nearby?

Did we solve the problem?

Can we turn that off, please?

If you put your mind into the fleshlight, your mind becomes the fleshlight.

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He raised me.

It is dangerous to wield an edged tool in such a way.

Torsten and Mac were in the middle of a heated argument when John walked into the room.


When my home had an extension built I only had this room fitted with soundproofing and an internal lock.


Don't go out tonight.

I was hoping you'd ask.

Where's the hospital?


That's all there was to it.

I've been looking forward to him coming.

Don't get in my way.

How are they doing it?

It's my way or the highway.

Why are you talking about money?

The Tokyo stock market recorded an unprecedented loss.

Valerie wants to meet with you to discuss the matter.

They wanted to punish me.

You don't even know who that man was.

It's about five miles.

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I will keep this experience in mind forever.


I'm not your friend anymore.

Jane is loved by Peter.

He helps with the housework.

Studying a foreign language is difficult.

Naim told us to be patient.


Nothing is likely to be more effective than this.


Toft turned on the right blinker.


I prefer Spanish men to English.

Cut that out!

Stu's a loner who shuns close relationships.

I stood here for thirty minutes.

What are your impressions?

If it had not been for his father's help, he would have failed in business.

Peggy has disappeared.

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Have you already finished?


The floor is made of boards.

Brown is our English teacher.

This is sick.

Why don't you leave him alone?

Don't forget to remind Ira to feed the dog.

Suzan didn't notice that Isabelle wasn't at the party.

Here's your bill, sir.

What are some good sources of protein?

How long have we been married?

Slow but steady wins the race.

Don't smell it. It might be mutagenic.

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Rathnakumar didn't attend class last week.

Rupert has been helping me.

Her skin is smooth.

You're going to do great.

I don't know any French songs.

I didn't see either boy.

The results of Mikael's biopsy show that the tumor is benign.

Santa is coming on too strong.

That's a sign.

Are you people lost?

Kate says he has nothing to do.

Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro of Osaka University invented a telenoid which could replace mobile phones in the future.

I'd like to meet some of your friends.


I'll wait as long as you need me to.

Daniel isn't as intelligent as you.

A global crisis is at hand.

There is a shrine atop the mountain.

What was the problem you wanted to talk to me about?


I was looking forward to it.

Did you grade the tests?

Ramsey held his breath for a moment.

I wish I had eaten lunch before I came here.

It's a very strange case.

The news upset me.

He was tired, so he went to bed earlier.

Tarmi used to have a lot of money.

He clinched the election when he came out against a tax increase.

I hope you can join us at these very important July DCA meetings and complement your stay by exploring some of the many affordable charms of Tokyo.

Are you going to talk to me?


One of the kings of Egypt was a boy.


Has the mail been sorted?

Thomas was raised by his grandfather.

She loves to climb mountains.

I told her what happened.

My partner and I work hard.

"Whose rings are these?" "They are my mother's."

The table in that room is very nice.

I asked her to describe it.

This isn't what we planned.


Do I seem untrustworthy?

It was grueling work.

Thinking to get at once all the gold the goose could give, he killed it and opened it only to find - nothing.

I never get tired of talking.

Ole was trying hard not to laugh out loud.

They're not ready for us.

We were introduced.

He is quick to voice his concerns.

I need a new broom. This one's shot.

Who was playing?

If everybody just added perfect sentences, this project would never be that interactive and interesting.


I'm going to help you do it.


She handed him his jacket then opened the door and asked him to leave.

Does Arnold Schwarzenegger still speak German?

I want to surprise him.

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The tracks run parallel to the road.

I have changed the settings of your computer, so that the new configuration will make it run smoother.

I was with them last week.

I started to cry too.

Somebody had to do something about it.

There's something wrong with me.

Why don't you take some time off?


Excuse me a minute.

It's necessary to make a distinction between the two sounds.

Terrance insists on talking to you.

I have been trying for a long time and today I finally succeeded: I divided by zero.

The last thing I want to do is butt in.

I knew you'd have a good time.

Graeme needs to get medical attention.

Save me a seat, won't you?

No one knows the real reason why we love dogs.

What! You had donkeys in your school?

Since he graduated from high school, he hasn't been doing anything.


The situation was Kafkaesque.

I studied for a while this morning.

My friend doesn't believe in ghosts.

I entrusted my property to him.

He is as great an artist as lived.

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"Hello girls." "Hello Alexander, and happy birthday too!"