Do you have a lot of time to relax?

Canada is to the north of the United States.

They never stopped.

It's a scalp disease.

I'm not sure you have much of a choice.

Who's hungry?

Trevor stepped into the shower.

That is what we want to know.

Shall we go with cornflakes or something light from tomorrow?

Isaac made a bad judgment call.

Germany produced many scientists.

It would be nice if you could help.

I'm going to watch a movie.

I went skiing at Zao last winter.

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Hazel revealed the most intimate details of his relationship with Joon.


What kind of cookies are these?

You'd better do it before Rudolf gets here.

Bring them back!


You should consult Victor.

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Claudius is making a white box for his friend.

Angus had a puzzled look on his face.

I'm telling you something's going on.

The house had its roof ripped off by the storm.

Teruyuki is very methodical in the way he does his work.

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You do that all the time, you know.

Why do you say these things, Stanley?

I'm fed up with him.

Don't expect others to think for you!

I like dogs and my sister likes cats.


You should change the sentence.


Did Kylo purchase it?

I just couldn't watch Kolkka suffer anymore.

I denied it.

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When we started out designing web pages, we were the only ones doing it in this part of the country.

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Samuel was wearing a bikini that last time I saw her.

Pam is the only one who didn't pass the test.

I was an outsider, so to speak.

Everything went wrong for him.

He is honest.

He made up his mind to be a doctor.

A smile is the most beautiful curve on a woman's body.

Let me know when you'll be ready.

He sat silently with his legs crossed.


I enjoyed watching TV for two hours.

I want to drink a pint of Guinness right now.

I promised I wouldn't say anything.


I have a report I need to work on.


At which hostel did you spend the night?


You needn't have helped him with his work.

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She read my mind.


Acerolas have 17 times as much vitamin C as lemons.

Do you happen to have any photographs of Christina?

She gave me charming embroideries.


This meal is delicious and cheap.

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Dan smothered Linda with a pillow.

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Ginny will remember this weekend as long as he lives.

What can I do about it?

I visited the village where he was born.

You already know it: I married a widow.

Bill Clinton was found not guilty.

I haven't been well.

I've lived here for more than three years.


You're really a good singer.

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Precautionary measures were unnecessary.

Pandark hits Vortarulo over the head with a 2-by-4.

I put the book on the table in the living room.

Dawson didn't blame us for what we said.

That sentence doesn't pertain to you.


The cows behind my house only eat tulips.

Jerrie showed me his new car.

Craig is a pretty good basketball player.

I wished Mr. Bluff a "Merry Christmas," and hurried homeward through the cold and nipping air.

Why don't you talk to him?

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My friend did that when he went there.

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I can't let you enter without a pass.

You need to find your own way.

Call me what you want.

Why did you bring her here?

I'll stay in Boston for another three days.

We have a hostage situation.

Behind every minute of concert time there is one hour of hard practice.


Ann is the only one in our class who really wants to study French.

Corey's father died last year.

Is your wife good at cooking?

"You look very tired." "No, mom, I'm fine."

Many high-level officials attended the meeting.

Thanks for letting me stay at your place.

If I hadn't been around you wouldn't even be here.

The people in the village fell ill one after another.

"Is that what you wanted to tell me?" "Yes, that's exactly it."

Do something about that noise.

We waited outside for them.

I want this handled quickly and quietly.

Myrick reached for his rifle.


There's really no way to continue this conversation any longer.

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Cristi's children are sick.

Dick turned the knob and pushed the door open.

Ami can't see you tonight, but he can see you tomorrow morning.

Let's go and see him there.

Just let it go.


The dog was killed on the spot.

Did you say your name was Jarvis?

I'm telling you, his old car won't fetch a red cent.

Why didn't you use a pay phone?

Do you think that was deliberate?

Isaac got in the taxi.

She's really smart, isn't she?

I cannot encourage Ken. He's my opponent.

They left before the end of the movie.

Even a teacher can make mistakes.

This peach is a work of art.


He went to a single-sex school.

One example of a first world problem would be not having Wi-Fi access in your entire house because it is too big.

This is Laurie's dictionary.

They are still seeking evidence.

Do we have any French homework that needs to be turned in tomorrow?

Go find someone else to play with.

In most cases, their answers are right.

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The barn was empty.

What kind of work does your father do?

I will give him another chance.

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Sanity likes to eat pineapple in the morning.


This is not the America I know and love.

Rafael isn't one to complain.

Meg has a facility for languages.


I called a cab, because it was raining.

She missed her chance to see the famous singer.

Bobbie usually helps me with this kind of thing.

I need you to believe in me.

Pam is almost as tall as you.


A few years ago it would have been inconceivable for Japan to send troops overseas.

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We'll try it.

In assessing scientific work, citation counts provide a more reliable indicator, than the impact factor of the journal in which it was published.

I did not learn everything I need to know in kindergarten.


Where is an American restaurant?

Kombucha is produced by a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, or SCOBY.

We shipped the following to you last week.


Should we go have ramen together again?

I want to give it to her.

You have no manners.


Gideon can't have done what you think he did.

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I aimed at the tiger and fired, but missed him.

He was told to get off at the station.

We can cut down on our use of energy.

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I'm taking Charlene to Boston with me.


I believe it.


Pierette was a graphic designer before he became a teacher.


For him, hunger was an abstract concept. He had always had enough to eat.


I have almost three thousand dollars in my safe.

He went fishing.

Diana married Troy's daughter.

Saqib doesn't need to be here until 2:30.

Some of the books that he has are English novels.


We're doing something right.

Jurevis is probably the one who broke the window.

Odysseus and Morpheus are pronounced, with perfect regularity, like Zeus.