Do you think animals have a soul?

She left school two years ago.

All the guests did justice to his wife's cooking.

I'm so happy.


The hunter was alert to every sound and movement.

I want to stress this point.

The threat is real.


I'm not the only one who thinks Jean-Pierre is beautiful.

Are you ready to start your journey?

He grouped the girls in three rows.


Catherine runs as fast as you.

They are looking for chairs to sit on.

Casper saw Elizabeth catch a fish.

I am already able to write Chinese characters.

I asked Kay what he'd do if he were me.

He was a man who was about fifty years of age.

What is her profession?

Have you ever seen a meteor shower, where meteors burn up and streak across the sky? Those meteors are burning up in the mesosphere.

Do you think that's necessary?

I am ready for death.

The band came at the head of the parade.


Alejandro kept staring at Harold.

I confiscated Eli's knife.

How did you sleep last night?

He is much taller than me.

Benjamin's question took her by surprise.

Please turn the car around.

Maybe someone made him do it.


I'm not fond of her face.


Sergio wondered what he would find in the box.

Laurianne is really busy now, isn't he?

It still happens from time to time.

Nothing stays the same.

I may win if I have luck.

Do you know my age?

Welcome to Colombia, Dave.

I need to be at work by 7:30.

You must study hard.

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The last one is the best.

Do you really think so?

It is necessary to go through customs at your arrival.

And then there was a great silence.

How did this misunderstanding ever arise?

Yesterday, the man whose daughter works at your company came by.

No one has ever called Christopher Columbus "Chris" and lived to do it a second time.

We want jobs.

Your mother eats shit.

Who'd ever want to leave here?

He bought a suit for cash.

Julianto asked me to call him John from now on.

It is likely to be fine.

I'm very good at sailing.

I just wish there was something we could do to help Cyrus.

I'd like to ask a favor of you.

That didn't turn out too bad.

If I knew it, I would tell you.

She asked about his father's condition.

TV stations broadcast the event.

Why aren't you doing your homework?

That he refused our proposal was big surprise to us.

I speak English.

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I don't know how to use this.

I think this must be the place where Galen lives.

Raif will change his mind again.

"Would you mind helping me with my work?" "Not at all."

The outsiders don't quit their philosophy of novelties.


Bertrand did everything he possibly could to help Gregor.

Open the window and you'll have fresh air.

I wish you'd tell me what's bothering you.

She was not in the least pleased with my present.

I found the pencil I lost.

The kids suddenly become quiet.

The light bulb burst.

Why don't you sit with her?

You don't like me.


Tor is cool.


The general title (of Balzac's novels) is The Human Comedy.


What format should I use?


I thought I had him in a corner, but then he pulled an unexpected move and completely turned the tables on me.


I never dreamed that I would meet her there.

Seymour threw his line in and waited for the fish to bite.

Dreams always come out differently.

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One day I had a phone call from a friend. "There's a nice little earner, won't you come round?" so I went to his house.

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When did TV appear?


I was looking at Darrell.


Give me food for thought, and I will find food for my stomach!


Yes, I like it.

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Miles will soon be home.


Remember to brush your teeth.

The teenagers left.

When are you going to start paying attention?

I'm not absolutely sure.

Whether the news is true or false makes little difference.

This town gave to great men.

The police came and looked into all the evidence.


Don't make me wait!


He was busy getting ready for his journey.

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He was so rich that he could buy any painting he took a fancy to.

Ping tried his best to move the table by himself, but he couldn't.

What do you think this means?

When I'm with a crying baby, I end up wanting to cry myself!

A woman with two small children in her car led police on a wild car chase through the city, reaching speeds in excess of 140 kilometers per hour.


How quickly does the bird fly?

I'd like to look like Michel.

I don't blame you for this.

Could you please get the jar of peanut butter from the top shelf for me?

All the names are listed in alphabetical order.

I have to find a way to make a lot of money.

You have to reply to the letter.

Sanand was among the few who stayed and helped.

You should come by sometime.

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I'll finish the work in a week, that is, on May 5th.

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I enjoyed listening to them.

Do you know where they are?

The pond dried up last summer.

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They add pictures to their album.

Page showed no reaction to the verdict.

Soon hot, soon cold.

Don't blame the mistake on her.

I've got a couple of announcements to make.

He gave his camera to his friend.

Well, what could it be?

There are many people who don't speak French.

It is believed that he was innocent.


He is the only man I know who can dive but not swim.

Alison is coming over to help with the kids.

This is only half correct.

Is this a coincidence?

He finally arrived!


It was natural for him to be familiar with jazz.

A kitten up a tree.

Please help yourself to the desserts.

Stuart finally arrived.

There is a fork missing.

You can still see the ship.

I'll be good to them.

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Thank you for accepting my invitation on Facebook.

He likes Indian food.

Today is April 1! Let's play some pranks!

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Lynne has been driving all day.


Oscar, shut up and listen to me.


People from this country are Canadian.

I just wish I'd never gotten involved with you.

The last time I went to the beach, I got badly sunburned.

Hazel did his homework by himself.

Do you go shopping every day?


She assembles computers.


Vladimir is a stranger.

It was his idea. He made me do it.

We can't risk them detecting our presence.

Aren't you having a good time?

Ralph liked what he saw.

We shall put off our departure in case it rains.

That was tough for me.


Play it again, Sam.

Jose wants the best.

He's got an uncle who works in a bank.

I know why you're here.

Maybe I should just quit.


Be here at six o'clock on the dot.


Tanaka is rattling his saber.