To my surprise, the anthropologist was accused of murder.

I held the umbrella over her.

He plays bagpipes and wears a kilt.

Dennis lost track of the time.


You are very sexy.

Susanne Jackson is a seasoned diplomat.

Maria said to herself, "I am very lucky."

Where did you say you slept last night?

It is said that she is ill.

He's thought long and hard for this election. Very long and hard for the country he loves.

You don't have to do it, but you should.


I'll write my address down for you.

In consequence of some badly coded functions, the system is unstable most of the time.

Is Michiel richer than Molly?

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My attitude to the comma is physiological; the more breath I have, the fewer commas I use.

This global company follows generally accepted accounting principles.

Jim stayed close.

Keep the door open.

I want the book.

What's the minimum wager?

I'll try to write about ethnic and religious minorities.

I spent all day watching TV.

What time does the train for Boston leave?

The crowd cheered the singer's entrance.

Ji proposed to me.

I'm going to cut down on meat.

I cleaned up after the party.

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We'll never see Donald again.


It was a good trip.

It's getting late.

That seat reclines further.

Jenine looks good, doesn't he?

Melanie wants to be a mathematician.

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Karl was buried in this city.


That's not very likely to happen.

Now that you mention it, I do remember that we did that.

I'll go to Boston next summer to visit Milo.

You've got bags under your eyes.

My, those are some very large hands you have.

I was almost certain you'd say something like that.

Being tired, he went to bed earlier than usual.


Liber says he can't ignore the smell any longer.


That would be my suggestion.


All of your cats are grey.

I assume Kenton will be here today.

It didn't make much difference.

Can you get me a glass of water?

He got accustomed to the new way of living.

I think she's in love with me. What should I do?

Isidore is a goon.

The students observed as the teacher demonstrated the science experiment.

Children's books are a rich source of central vocabulary or at least of vocabulary central to the lives of children.

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I belong to a tennis club in my university.

Both my parents are at home now.

You got the date wrong when you were filling in the check.


I couldn't fight him.

Christophe usually gets up early in the morning.

I wasn't making fun of you.

You'd have done the same for me.

The bridge is designed to open in the middle.

That's a great suggestion.

Not being able to carry out payments on time can cause very large losses for the consumer.

He's a model.

Don't lay your fault at my door.

We're friends since Monday.

I could go with you.

It's not long till the winter holidays.

This is the perfect place for a romantic picnic.

I must help you.

They have not yet heard of it.


I hope that Japan will abide by its Constitution.


We did what Toft said to do.

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Can you move?


He was always a rude man; not even his wife made him change.

The boy begged for a new bicycle.

His irresponsible attitude surprises me.

It's a present for you.

I want to please you.

He resolved to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime enterprise.

Mitch had a hard time making himself understood in French.

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The question whether I should quit college or not bothered me.

No one noticed them.

Father often helps me with my homework.


How do you spell your surname?


The handbag you bought in China is cheap-looking.

Troy has a reef tank.

I was trying to be supportive.

Are you from Tokyo?

The disposal of bioplastic waste represents a big problem.

Roman is a pretty good basketball player.

The problem is that they only think about themselves.

Eventually, someone is going to have to tell Donald that he needs to behave himself.

Parents need to encourage their children to read.


I think you're an idiot.


I think that Delbert is crazy.


Let's talk in my office.

That's no way to talk to your teacher.

He had the good fortune to marry a pretty girl.


I hope the young couple will make up soon.


Nadeem has been putting on weight.

Dory will do nothing.

I don't want to spend my vacation shut-up inside.

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What are we all doing in here?

Those colours clash.

Send them a thank-you note for their hospitality.

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Cynthia's mother is Lakota and her father is a Mongol.

She started dancing when she was eight.

The best teams are made up of a bunch of nobodies who love everybody and serve anybody and don't care about becoming a somebody.

Ask us anything.

Isn't that a good thing?


You shouldn't be concerned about the exam. I'm sure it is far beneath your talents.

Lou and I don't get along with each other.

Aaron wished Oskar was with him.

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We try our best.

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Does that mean yes?


We get along very well.


Do you know where Frank is waiting for us?

Kurt doesn't have time to answer all my questions.

I won't cook for you.


Life is just a bowl of cherries.

Your car is three times as big as this one.

Have you guys seen him?

For a man of seventy, he still has surprising vigour.

Subra walked in through the front door.


Ima is still staring at Adlai.

He managed to cure himself of his habit of nibbling his nails.

You're Werner, aren't you?

I hope that Chris passes the examination.

Can I stay with you? I was kicked out of my house because I didn't pay the rent.

There's a calendar hanging on the wall.

Has Jakob already left?


We want to do more than that.


Ramiro is constantly streamlining his business plan.

Lucifer posted a picture of his puppy on Instagram.

There is no way to be truly great in this world. We are all impaled on the crook of conditioning.

The clouds floating in the sky are beautiful.

All of a sudden, the thirty-story skyscraper went up in flames.

I'll have to get back to you.

Would you please send me a brochure and price information?

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I couldn't understand him; I couldn't catch on to his way of speaking.

Sleep's the best thing for Slartibartfast.

He is foolish to meet her again.

This was on the doorstep.

They spent a wonderful time together.

Clare stopped himself from kissing Rees.

Our visit was wonderful.

I wish I could say yes.

Let's wrap this up and go home.


You will never brush against a zebra crossing a zebra crossing.

I could sense Antonella's presence.

He is six years older than I.

Check your tire pressure.

Can't you see right?


Sjaak will be hard to replace.


I got word that Renu wants to divorce him.

I wish I were rich.

Don't stare at people.

Jigsaw refers to a fret saw - that's how the name's origin was derived.

It's kind of desperate.

I'd study harder if I were you.

The treaty was signed.