I never imagined I'd feel this way about you.

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Possession is nearer to him who has than to him who claims.

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I visited him, whom I had not seen for years.

You can use your imagination.

Unless I leave right away, I'll be late for my appointment.

Raymond has a vivid imagination.

His skills qualified him for the job.

Betsy has strong hands.

Is there any chance that Alfred will be late?

The ash tree, which is in our garden, still hasn't sprouted. And it will be the end of may soon.

That's all we know about her.

Floyd began fixing himself a drink.

If they lied about that, we've got a much bigger problem.


Nothing can be done.

I can't drive Adlai to school today.

When we hear of a divorce we assume that it was caused by the inability of those two people to agree upon fundamentals.

On a more positive note, we should be making a profit by this time next year.

By the time you get out of prison, she'll be married.


For dehydration, take a lick of salt.

They love reading.

This method has worked before.


Kimberly agreed to wait.


The load was too heavy for a driver to carry alone.


I've had a really weird day.

Come on up to my office.

His parents are older than mine.

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Do you know what Rupert's nickname was when he was a kid?


You'll regret what you've done.


As I opened the door without knocking, she lost her temper.

Jong used to hate Boston.

This won't do.

You shouldn't yell.

Lightning never strikes twice in the same place.

The scene was clearly printed in my memory.

Man is mortal.

I'm gonna shoot him.

I will not do that for the life of me.

She accepts good suggestions.

Bill is honest all the time.

Let's take a walk for a change.

He is not only brave but wise.

The directions are simple.

That's a real person.


Most boys admire baseball heroes.

Who do you think is the tennis G.O.A.T.?

When the king set out on his expedition, she shut herself up in her own apartments, and spent her time spinning and weaving, and thinking of her royal husband.

Never have I seen such a peaceful sight.

Hi! Thanks for flying with us. How are you today?


I'm a light sleeper.

The gift card read: "To my darling wife, Happy Anniversary! Love, Juha."

There's a laundromat in the basement of our apartment building.

I run five miles a day.

It's a nice day, isn't it? Why not go out for a walk?


Ernie has a meeting this morning.

He said it himself.

I'm going to hang up now.


Tell me why you don't like us.

Adam will pass.

What are they called?

If you don't hurry, you won't get there before dark.

It should be possible to get to Boston by 2:30.


I really don't want you to go.

As a rule, I prefer a comedy to a tragedy.

If I were you, I'd think twice before going on that route.


Marie is a naive student.


In the near future, space travel will no longer be just a dream.

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Dani wants answers and he wants them now.


He is much of a scholar.

They're surprised.

It was just a bad dream.

Seenu may change his mind in a couple of weeks.

They lost the Scotland match in the last five minutes.

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It's a pretty simple concept.

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Booted and saddled and bridled rode he.

Just tell me what I need to do.

We must avoid war by all possible means.

There's a slight difference between her thinking and mine.

When the sisters came back, their mother was still awake.

I asked around about them.

Mara hasn't yet made up his mind.

His hair style is behind the time.

I'm not going to leave if you don't want me to.


My room has two windows.

Rudolf has built a large house.

Cool the burned finger in running water.


Have the courage to save our earth.

I wonder if maybe I should go.

I just wanted tonight to be perfect.

Tell them I'll be ready.

Why did you want us to come here?

Our teacher ordered Jim to go home at once.

I hate that movie.

They all know the truth.

Your stupid remark just added fuel to the flames.

This happened a long time ago.

Lying is not good behaviour.


My mother is from Benin. She is Beninese.

Why were you so afraid?

That may be an important clue.

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This pizza is really good.


Let me explain myself.


I can do it blindfolded.

We must take care of our planet, the earth.

I'll sign for it.

I know exactly what it's like.

Believe it or not, she cannot even cook an egg.

I've written to her.

I wanted Clark to be successful.

Exoplanets are planets that orbit other stars than the Sun.

I'll give you some fatherly advice.

Why don't you come in and we'll talk about this?

Which color do you think she prefers?

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How was your night?


Will people make fun of me?

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My friend name is SWATI


I turned the doorknob.

What are you going to do this evening?

This pen has a very fine point.

I just wanted to tell you how much I wish this had never happened.

The secretary is good at English in addition to being beautiful.

How do you expect me to do this by myself?

The value of a good education cannot be measured in terms of money.

I don't need anybody.

I hope my car doesn't break down and I get to you on time.

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Please drive the car more slowly.


Ramon has a distant relationship with his father.

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This country has an even temperature throughout the year.

The tanker has a small crew.

I can't figure out the reason why Mark did it.

You are watching.

Oh, by the way, I have something to give you.

Sanity didn't even know that Irvin was a doctor.

Not believe in Santa Claus! You might as well not believe in fairies!

Are we alone in the universe?

You are a manly man!

What's good?

I don't approve your decision.


Poor sap. He can't tell when he's being taken advantage of.


We haven't decided what to do yet.

Nearly every woman I know has experienced some instance of sexual harassment.

Jianyun can drive almost any kind of vehicle.

Can you tell what's wrong with it?

Aren't you afraid alone at night here?

The birds' home is in the forest, the fish's home is in the river, the bees' home is in the flowers, and the little children's is in China. We love our motherland from the time we're little, as the birds love the forest, the fish love the river, and the bees love the flowers.

Sanjay probably knows I like her.


Arctic ground squirrels hibernate during the winter.


He swept to power in 1929.

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We bought her a necklace.

You gave me the most wonderful present.

I'll get you out of this awful situation.

Liz took the key out of his coat pocket.

Clyde doesn't like his stepmother.

Hubert had a smile on his face.

In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.

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She has a strong dislike of insects.


Dominick likes to hear himself talk.

She gave herself to flames of love.

Sunil convinced Charlie to go along with the scheme.