I'm glad I'm not going to be there.

Go for it, Ahmet.

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Dwight is a pretty girl, but has a bad temper.


We can't let them kill Sanand.

We've never been happier.

We suspected him of lying.

I dislocated my ankle, and I also broke my tibia and fibula bones.

Sedovic may have known the answer.

Ernst always drinks his coffee black with no sugar.

You're a really bad cook.

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Ronald is still in love with Hugh.


Tell me anything you want to.

This is a heartwarming movie.

My leg cramped up as I ran down the stairs to catch a train, and I had to sit down right there in the middle of the stairway.

He didn't come because of the storm.

You're single, right?


I need to hoover.


Having finished the work, I went out for a walk.


Nadeem drives faster than Alejandro.


We cook with a stick.

I don't know if there's time.

He climbed Mount Fuji four times.

I cooked dinner last night.

I tried to kiss Tahsin, but he wouldn't let me.

We were running to and fro.

Did you hear the news on the radio this morning?

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Elizabeth bought Ole a box of cookies.

We've already waited three days.

You don't have to pay me anything.

It's been a really good year.

Only the other day in a railway accident, without the time to send out a mayday, many people lost their lives.


May I talk to you for a minute?

Irwin added a room to his house.

Charlene doesn't look happy.

Mike is the team's captain.

My wife and I agreed on a holiday plan.

We'll take care of her.

I should be jealous.

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You may catch him.

Spudboy is almost ready to go.

Thirteen were killed.

Gail waited outside the gate.

You're going to wreck your eyesight if you play games all the time.

I did say that.

What was it you asked him?

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It's a typical trattoria.

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The empress is visiting Australia.


I've had my share of problems.

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Thomas jumped up, as if his friend were a ghost.


He struck Dalton in the face.


Our teacher told us to go out into the ground at once.

Brian and Olson didn't get along very well.

It might be kind of fun going to the beach with Irving.

You'll be needing this.

I can remember what it felt like.

You're the one who gathered the information.

Edith doesn't know whether Rich will ever forgive him.

Don't tell him that, or he'll start crying.

Angus stopped talking when he saw Helge.

We tried to get them to come.

Let's see how you feel.

You know guns, don't you?

Ned immediately recognized Cathryn.


Skeeter thought what Brent was carrying was a bomb.

This is a four-way stop.

I met my friends yesterday.


We ended up laughing about it.


Satoru is the fastest runner out of the five of us.

Let me ask you a simple question.

She decided to quit her job.


May you be happy in the life you have chosen!

The living room has a fireplace.

Alfred was elected class president.

Was Stan asleep?

If you tell me what needs to be done, I can help.

That's a mindfuck.

A little kindness goes a long way.

People are starting to talk.

She picked me an apple.

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Gunter plunged to his death.

Each generation would have to rediscover for itself the truths of the past.

What am I supposed to say when he puts it so logically?

The kids got noisy again.

Those women were too surprised to speak.

Tell him to relax.

The young lady wants this.

He sang on-stage.

I'd be more than happy to drive you home.

Mr. Tanaka, our homeroom teacher, got married.

Listen while I talk.

Kimberly might run into Ian while he's in Boston.

I offered 30% less than the asking price.

It is finally all over.

I don't like winter.


Children's laughter could be heard in the distance.

I like Laura a lot more than you.

I agree with you completely.

Jane handed Pravin a paper bag.

How do you go to work?

Come stay with me.

My parrot can quote Shakespeare!

So long, have a good time.

Is there something that you don't want to talk about?

You're elusive.

I'm not going to need any help.

Ofer closed the drawer.

He changed his address.


Sometimes he acts quite strangely.

"Right, shall we be off then?" "Yes. Let's go!"

You're not helping the poor.

You do realise that I won't be able to come, don't you?

He died soon after the accident.

I like to keep it simple.

We need more teachers like you.


I can make it work.


Linda tried to seduce Dan.


I have hot flashes.

You shouldn't forget that.

It isn't safe to walk alone at night.


They will be safe with her.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

I asked Sandip how he'd do it.

Something was wrong with her.

Something's always wrong.

All Gaul is divided into three parts.

The situation seems hopeless.

I got acquainted with him three years ago.

Tao's a lot smarter than people give him credit for.

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The future pilot is trained in a mock cockpit.


You have to let us leave.

Izchak was brilliant.

How's the research paper coming along?

I think it is necessary for you to go there.

They went on putting aside fallen stones.


What else were you expecting?

Did you murder her?

He probably got tired of waiting and fell asleep.


What kind of sandwich are you eating?

With a mild, bright night like today, I always feel like going for a stroll at midnight.

Sometimes we need to take a step back and think.


We tried in vain to cheer Juan up.

This is a fundamental question.

Jinny can't bear even the sight of Sanity.


Bill took a sip of coffee.

She was as naked as the day she was born.

Let the concert begin!

Lynnette is very unpredictable, isn't he?

Maybe we should go now.

The winner was Roxana.

The two elder brothers arrived first with their wives, beautiful, bright, and cheerful, and dressed in rich garments.


All the students are studying English.

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Relax, Angela. We're on vacation.

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Everything's wrong.

I've done that a couple of times.

Curupira is a character from Brazilian folklore. He's described as a man whose feet are turned backwards and who protects animals and forests.

What choice do we have?

I really don't have much time.


Riches cover a multitude of woes.

I didn't recognise the tune.

He has a lot to do.

Confirm your reservation in advance.

Words alone cannot meet the needs of our people. These needs will be met only if we act boldly in the years ahead; and if we understand that the challenges we face are shared, and our failure to meet them will hurt us all.