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Do you wish you could get your own Chief Information Officer, who's only concern is your business and is not beholden to suppliers? If so then we can help.

What We Do

In these days where everything is connected, the risks to your data have never been higher. The good news is that there are simple, automated processes that can ensure your business suffers minimal down time and expense in the event of an attack. Think of it as insurance for your data.

When you need to purchase software for your business, who does the search for possible candidate products, who designs and then evaluates the products against an evaluation matrix? In most modern businesses, the existing staff are all busy, and while they know your business, often do not truly understand software and all the detailed implications of a new software purchase. This can involve hardware requirements, network and connectivity, security models and methods, training and so on.

Do you wonder if your IT systems (software and hardware) are providing your business the full advantage that they should be? We can do various IT assessments, from a basic check of your data security and software licencing, through to a study of your business processes and how your IT systems should and can reduce busy work and improve workflows.

Do you have an IT problem (networking, systems, software or devices) that no one seems to be able to solve? (We are not talking about that printer that always plays up!) If that is the case, give us a call. There is a lot of technology that was previously only available to Fortune 500 companies, that is now suitable for small business. These technologies can open doors to solutions previously not available to small business. This is especially the case where vendors to small businesses' often do not have the necessary experience and so do not offer them as solutions.

About Us

We are a group of experienced specialists who have worked in all areas of the IT industry. We are a semi-virtual company where we pull specialists together to solve a specific customer's problem(s). In this way, you get the benefit of knowledge only large companies can usually afford. Awards: 1996 Engineering Excellence Award, Newcastle Division 2006 Hunter Business Chamber Technology Award (We assisted Lake Maintenance)


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Ransomware – How to be protected

The threat of ransomware is very real. We have had one customer suffer an attach. However due to a combination of good backup practices and appropriate security access levels, there was no data loss, and minimal down time. At the very minimum, ensure you have a good off site backup program in place, with support for […]


Get your annual IT checkup!

Just like going to the doctor, your IT systems and their use should come under yearly review. Our review encompasses your Internet use (and connection), back up processes, virus defences, data and system security, software licence compliance, overall use of IT and areas of possible improvement. It takes up to two hours on site, with […]