I'm not happy with it.

A ship sank near here yesterday.


I think that as long as you worry about profit and loss, it can't be called love.

We should call off the search.

Don't tell him that I'm here.

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I called them from the hospital.

Something's come up, so I can't attend today's meeting.

Denis is unpacking.


Who brought you here?

Drop your weapons!

Ride with me.


Kyle is always in bed by 10:00.

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He is no saint.

Do not expose to temperatures above fifty centigrade.

Because of the heavy rain, we were obliged to stay there.

I bought this for my mother.

Floria noticed that.

Her cheeks burned with shame.

He was determined to finish the work at any cost.

Will you give me a drink?

Please give me a cup of tea.

Christophe was ever so careful to be on his best behaviour when he met his future mother-in-law.

I wonder why Samir didn't call me.


That old man caught a large fish.


Be sure to check in at least 45 minutes prior to departure time.

What kind of person do you think I am?

I think it's time to do my homework.

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Dan contacted Linda's sister.

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Darrell made a list of things he wanted to do before he died.

I don't want to see that.

At the age of 22, I fell in love with my boss.

I know I can't take Oliver's place.

With all his boasting, he is a coward.

Marc is just not very good at dancing.

You're right, no doubt about it.


Sedat kicked me out of the kitchen.

Promise me you won't tell him.

It was yesterday evening when it began to rain.

Adrian said he'd rather not swim.

Louis leaned over to put on his shoes.

Stephan had hoped that Anderson might consider having dinner with him.

We were caught off guard.

I haven't eaten anything in the past three days.

Although I didn't like math, I had to study logarithms.

Carolyn didn't have to leave.

We should give Jayesh some time by himself.

These are gifts.

Her playful teasing galvanized him into action.

Her dress was a cheap one.

Lin's crazy.

Does he understand Hungarian?

Laser printers are generally cheaper to maintain than inkjet printers.

Did you get good marks?

Sjaak was pulled over.

Milner nodded slowly.

If you request a further discount, we suggest changing the terms of payment.


The old lady believes him rich.

Did I wake you guys?

It was almost the perfect crime: we arrived at the scene, opened the trunk, killed the man and cleaned up the prints, but we forgot to hide the body.

Today is the best day of my life.

Compare the style of those three letters.

Let's wait for Santa.

Please accept my sincerest condolences.

What are you going to do in college?

Since it was a fine day, I went for a walk.


Ruth has a lot of problems.

We still have some farm equipment that hasn't been used since my grandfather died.

Please, listen to me!

I've been sick for a very long time.

We talked the night away.

I can't figure out how to solve the puzzle.

Has Brett ever asked you to help him?

Guido wanted to kiss Stevan then and there.

Naomi sang Siping the song he wrote for her.

I prepared a surprise for you.

I wonder how sausage is made.

Why don't you ask Lou to babysit Lisa and John?

Please report discrepancy in data.

Once washed, the lining will look brand new.

I would like some fish.

Have you ever driven with a standard shift transmission?

Don't let him watch this film.

The manager shouted out to his players to mark the opposition.

Ariel has refused to do what we requested.

Don't talk in such a high and mighty way.

I think you look sexy.

My room faces south, which makes it sunny and very comfortable.

Brent will always be remembered.


She thought it was hilarious.

Martyn stopped crying.

They went to Alexander Hamilton for orders.

Were you waiting for me?

Are aliens real?

I read my books, you yours, and Marcos his.

You're reading too much into this.

Let me help you with your other problem instead.

I am going to give you a beautiful and enlightening example of what I read.

Both Ragnar and Alvin are coming over for lunch.

I'll talk it over with Sandra and see what he thinks.

On the Internet, in most cases, any required information is available for free.

I call the waiter.


The bill passed the Diet.


Most of my classmates can speak French quite well.

The store is advertising a sale.

They'll become teachers.

Judging from the look of the sky, it is going to snow.

Don't be so dramatic.

Thanks for coming, guys! I'll see you next week!

I've been busy this week.

What did Travis Jackson look like?

When we reached the summit, we all yelled out into the void.

It looks like you had a tough day.

I can't believe they hired me.


Kee was bullied at school because of her weight.


I can't bear the thought of losing you.


Lenora left a short time later.

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Pedro bowed his head and prayed.

She can't be away on holiday.

His theory is based on many facts.


Are there any other planets on which life can exist?

We will steal you from yourself.

Parents' love could be overwhelming until you can't breathe.

You live across the street, don't you?

Jeff wasn't very happy at being interrupted.


He is not the brightest light in the harbour.


He writes with a fountain pen.

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Should I cancel my business trip to LA?

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You didn't call me.

That was three weeks ago.

"Don't look alike do you?" "That's because we're fraternal twins."

Can't I go and look for them?

Are you pleased with your new job?

I'm going to stop them.

Could you give me change out of a hundred-dollar bill?


Mr. Smith is in charge of the class.


Such a strange thing is not likely to happen.

Maybe I'll call you.

I want you, Sedat.


She put the money in the bank.

Hey, I'm only trying to help.

Olson didn't play tennis, did he?

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She likes to walk with me.

Eventually you'll have to tell Naoto.

Devote your whole attention to your duties.

What time did she check out of the hotel?

Do you have a map? Because I'm getting lost in your eyes.

I don't think Linley can hear me.

My father pulled his car into the large park.


I thought you might be the only person who would listen to me.

If you respect yourself, then others will respect you.

Let me make a suggestion.

She watched the gardens grow, and she watched the apples turn red and ripen.

I lie on my face.

Climb Mount Fuji, oh snail, but slowly, slowly.

Some lectures are not wholesome for children.

You didn't give Sangho enough time to finish.

Shane knew better than to ask Niels what she thought.

This is getting interesting.

The noise was a nuisance.

I sent you a message.

Everyone must obey the rules. Those who don't will be punished.

All of this stationery is his.

Dan had a great time with Linda.

I only weigh 45 kilograms.

The U.S. Pacific Islands region includes more than 2,000 islands spanning millions of square miles of ocean. Rising air and ocean temperatures, shifting rainfall patterns, changing frequencies and intensities of storms and drought, decreasing streamflows, rising sea levels, and changing ocean chemistry will threaten the sustainability of globally important and diverse ecosystems as well as local communities, livelihoods, and cultures.

You will have to work a lot.

I'd like to leave a message for Sanity.

Magnus never would've asked. He'd just have done it without permission.

He consented to help the old lady.

She made it clear that she wanted to go for a swim.

Your prediction finally came true.