Who can I talk to?

It's too cold for me.


We'll wait for you.

The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep. We may not get there in one year or even in one term. But, America, I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we WILL get there.

No casualties were reported.


What could be more worthwhile?


We belong together.

"Your Majesty, Ganon and his minions have seized the island of Koridai!" "Again? I'm going to see Ganon, and we won't be talking about mercy! Take me to Gamelon." "Yes, Your Majesty!"

I must go and find her.

Especially in northern China, wrapping and eating dumplings has become an important activity for happily spending New Year's Eve in many households.

Except that the one who sent me to baptize with water told me...


"I'm not good at swimming." "Neither am I."


This message turned out to be a little hard for me to write.

I felt as if I were in a dream.

Raif wrote to me yesterday.

It's homemade.

You never have class or what?!

Wayne only has 5 hit points left.

I'm afraid that's impossible.

I know this has been a hard time for you.

"I lost my wallet," lamented John.

I couldn't be happier for you.

Come to think of it, he is wrong.


This letter has to be sent right away.

Don't kid yourself.

That child was left in the sun too long.

It is inhumane.

I can only do what I can do.

They forgave him for his crimes.

There is an eel in the water.

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Kind words are always effective.

I can help Sehyo out.

Andrew isn't old enough to understand what we're talking about.

Keiko bought a new shelf, on which she put her dolls.

We didn't know how to interpret the dismissive gesture that Dylan made with his hands.

Srinivas reads a lot.

Elite soldiers might be trained in secret locations.

He is from Egypt.

You'll need some of these.

Promise me you won't make fun of me.

I'll see you guys later.



It's a mistake.

I thought you understood that.

A friend sent the fruit as a gift.

Jerome hasn't translated the book yet.

It isn't your decision.

Please cover yourself.

Nobody wants to live in my country.

The man that lays his hand upon a woman, save in the way of kindness, is a wretch whom't were gross flattery to name a coward.

I took care of them.

Ro picked up his keys.

She did not look happy.

These thing always happen in threes

I know what I'd say.

Can I help translate the website into other languages?

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I had to arrest him.

"Let me get a sample," and she transferred part to a petri dish.

That noise is driving me mad.

Sedovic needs to be the center of attention.

Is there a similar proverb in Japan?

I love teaching.

I'd rather do this alone.


I'm sorry, but could you move over a bit so I have room to sit?


Shai isn't optimistic.


Thanks to modern technology, loading music on your device is nearly as simple as plugging it into your computer.


Have you ever lighted a cigarette with a blowtorch?

Keep my words in mind.

We have the whole summer to play.

With that sort of attitude you'll never get past the honourable-mention prizes.

I think country life is superior to city life in some respects.

Pierce wants Vince to meet his mother.

You lead the way.

I opened the door slowly.

What are the grounds for denial?

We all live in the same dorm.

English is a compulsory subject.


Is it true that chicken soup will cure a cold?

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Elizabeth always remembers us at Christmas.

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They were never to see each other again.

The lake is notorious for its contamination.

I'm sure you did your best.


I was impatient for the game to start.

Join the ends and we're done.

You should learn not to limit your options.


My children were born in Boston.

I haven't read a book in quite a while. It's enough to make me ashamed of myself.

She's blond and slim.

Sometimes he seems very distant.

My letter should have reached him about this time.

The company drew back from the project.

I can't find anything wrong with it.

Does anybody else know about these pictures?

He prides himself on his son.

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That's what Blake was hiding.

Suu wants me to open the window, so he can climb in.

I need to shovel snow off of the roof.

Put your weapons down.

Some say he never existed.


Some people quarrel for no reason at all.


Naren and only Susan really knows what happened.


It'll take too long.

Christie's friends asked him to come out and play.

Would you like to go have a drink?

I don't know how much those two bikes cost.

That book is new.


The candidate was disappointed at the outcome of the election.


They are approaching.

Since when do you care what anyone thinks?

I wish I could speak French the way Marian does.

Something is very wrong here.

I'd like to apologize for this morning.

The man reading a paper over there is my uncle.

Vivek told me you're from Boston.

How come your Spanish is that good?

Have you noticed blood in your urine before?

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I do think that it is a pity.


Spying between friends is an absolute no no.

I prepared breakfast for Dee.

Is this to eat here, or to go?

Don't try to speak.

That was my big mistake.


She looks indifferent but deep down she's very pleased.

He made a speech in support of my view.

I am waiting for the storm to blow over.

Tell her it's not your fault.

While he was talking, there was the sound of a shot being fired.

I want her beaten up.

Brent knew Wendell would come.

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I was the one who knocked on the door.

How much time do you need to make yourself up?

We were disappointed to hear that The couldn't get a visa.

You need to reverse your vest, it's back to front.

Let us in, please.

Please attend the meeting in the second floor conference room at 2:30 p.m.

No one ever comes here.

I had lost my pen.

I cannot see my dad.

This is really strange.

I know what Annie is going through.

Where do I have to change trains?

I don't know what I would do without you.

I'll have Po mow your lawn for you.

Are there enough chairs for everyone?

I'd do almost anything.

I say this so that you understand.


Kory stood up and walked out of the room.

As I returned from school yesterday, I was caught in a sudden shower.

This street is closed for transports of dangerous goods.


It's totally worth a shot.

We need to talk.

You shouldn't lie.

The meeting begins at three.

Jay stayed with me until the ambulance arrived.

Are you coming back for me?

The television is making a hissing noise.


I think it's better to stay here.

His strength slowly declined.

I closed my eyes.

iPhones have capacitive touchscreens.

She locked herself into a world of her own.

She has Cupid lips.

His wife is a friend of mine.

I almost didn't recognize you.

Nobody has the right to control us.

Do the results have any practical application?

What were the chief events of 1990?

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I saw a horse pulling a cart.