Shel realized that he had no money on him.

Jock did an extraordinary job.

You're going to leave for London next Sunday, aren't you?

He would sit and look at the sea for hours.

It had worked for hours.


Now you tell.

It may take time.

Wolves don't eat salad.

A swarm of wasps attacked the children.

Deb grabbed the rope with his right hand.

What grade are you in?

We tried to eliminate all danger beforehand.

I didn't drink much.

What if Lindsay hadn't heard my voice at that time? What in the world would have happened? Just thinking about it gives me the chills.

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I'll see Rob in the morning.

Dean doesn't think Peter will say yes.

We thought of him as a genius.


Bill took the blame for the loss.

Where did Emmett go for spring break?

Christophe has a reef aquarium.

I think I'm going to get fired.

The girl is pretty.

I missed this appointment once again!

OK, Bob, let's shove off.

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I don't think you're in any danger.

The hinge is broken.

He could no longer contain his impatience.


I'm glad you're doing well.

Our plane was moving in the direction of the Air France airliner.

Maybe I should tell Danielle.

Bill came by car.

You drink too much coffee.

He is worthy to be captain of our team.

Tell me who you thought I was.

He studied on his own account.

Straka started smoking when he was thirteen.

I'll cut your head off!

Though wounded, they continued to fight.

In autumn the migratory birds fly south.

I also need to improve my English.

Irving wanted Srivatsan to stay at home with the children.

Rajesh has significant mental health problems.

We forgot to turn off the light.

The news was not confirmed.


Lawrence said to Gypsy that it was very pleasant to hear her voice.

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That's what we think.

One of my pleasures is watching TV.

Pope Francis is the first Latin American pope.

Joshua would agree with that.

It'll be cheaper in the long run to use real leather.

I did that which she asked me to do.

It was a poor concert.

I have something to talk to you about.

Just out of curiosity, did you really have to do that?


The wind and rain combined to make a terrible storm.

The 21st century composition was so discordant that it felt as though the performer was murdering the Steinway Grand piano.

Kurt has been busy for the past few hours.

Can I afford it?

This fluorescent lamp is starting to flicker. We'll have to replace it.

They were lost.

What're we doing tonight?

Micah wasn't armed.

We saw you do it.

She will return within 3 hours.

The first violins carry the melody.

Loren ate three hotdogs.

Kemal has 7% body fat.


I think Matthew is annoying.

Obviously, I was scared.

The house Felix built is wonderful.

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As a rule, we don't allow smoking.

There's someone waiting for me outside.

The nation needed more and better teachers.

You may have to help Raif.

The bag was too heavy for me to carry by myself.

Come here at exactly six o'clock.

Jiro isn't here now.


Hold your applause, please.


It sounds like you're going to buy a pony.

That tradition has fallen by the wayside.

Leith began to get very upset.

There's a label on the jar.

Carol went to Boston last week.


I'm unprejudiced.

You have no fever.

I like cold potato salad in the summertime.

Ro does look a lot like his father.

Dan arrived at the maximum security facility on January 2.

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Novorolsky wanted to sit down for a few seconds.

It's time to call it a night.

Amanda doesn't have time to help you.

When indicating 'tense' in Chinese, as shown above, there are 'particles', 'time-specifying words' and also many cases where it depends on context.

If I were a shareholder, I'd be upset.


You couldn't be contacted.


We must respect other people's privacy.

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He made the first move.

Can I talk to you privately for a minute?

The problem was I couldn't sing or dance.

Inspector Dan Anderson had two crimes to solve.

I got up an hour ago and in the meantime I've brushed my teeth, washed and shaved myself and done my morning gymnastics.


Not even one taxi stopped.

I told them to stay in his room.

Alberto found a job for me.

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There's a gas leak.

I think Becky is adaptable.

We've decided to hire him.

I don't have any feelings for Toft.

I think we could be good friends.

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The way you did it was wrong.


There are just too many people.


I'll put the suitcases in Leif's room.


I need to find out who gave Rajiv that advice.

I couldn't tell if you were angry or not.

That's my mom's chihuahua.

I heard an explosion.

I'll be back in a wink.


I'd better get going.


I was very happy.

We eat to live, not live to eat.

How many doughnuts can you eat on an empty stomach? Just one, After the first one your stomach isn't empty.

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I bet you know French.


His failure is, in a manner, our failure too.

I want you to wait for me.

Saudi women are not permitted to leave their country without their husbands.

Relative to overall sales, that of software is insignificant.

Life begins when we realize who we really are.


Sea turtles always return to the beach where they hatched.

Please don't say anything embarrassing.

I'll cover for you.


Just tell him what you want.

Tao's desk was so untidy that the cleaner refused to clean the room.

I'm a lot bigger than you are.

Eliot has been sober for ten years.

Does Marika want to go back to Japan?

I don't care what you say.

I had some work that needed finishing.


Infrared radiation, visible light, and ultraviolet light are all types of waves in the electromagnetic spectrum.

I wish I were in Boston.

Clark is never here in the morning.

Why are we whispering?

The actor's death made big headlines in all the papers.


He ordered us steaks.

Sometimes the nanny goat wants to go in the forest to get food. She calls all seven kids and warns them about the vicious wolf.

Saul seems to be having trouble breathing.


Most people write about their daily life.

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He escaped from the prison in the dead hours of the night.

Let's meet at Shibuya Station at six.

I haven't spoken to them.

I can't tell you my plans.

She did her best never to think of him.

We didn't have TV in those days.

Everyone except Tobias was wearing a tie.


You have no grounds for accusing Jill of stealing the stock certificates.


They didn't want to get any gold dust.


You may go now.

Floyd is just a friend. He's not my boyfriend.

"You'd better come in," the man said.

Sho knows what to do when Roxana has an epileptic seizure.

Nobody called him.

She had only a small sum of money.

The baby is screaming.


Vidhyanath had a bad headache last night.