Vassos has always been successful in everything she has done.

Where is all the people? Why is nobody here?

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You have to get rid of it.

I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you may be mistaken.

I find her story hard to swallow.

I don't want to be the bad guy anymore.

Vicki had to empty his apartment in two days.

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Naomi can't do this alone.

We are eight altogether.

She'll be up and around this afternoon.

I don't know Spanish, but with the help of a Spanish-German dictionary, I nevertheless understood your letter to some extent.

The river is six miles deep in some areas and the only way to cross it is using a pulley and a rope.

I can't seem to get my breath.

Monica didn't study very much.

There are three suitcases near the door.

I hope to go to Canada next year.


He stayed at my place for three weeks.

She would cite from the Bible.

Gene is very attached to the little girl.

My schedule is pretty crazy.

He abandoned his family and went to live in Tahiti.


Keep an eye on my suitcase while I buy the tickets.

Morgan reads the newspaper every morning.

He bought her flowers.

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Please don't tell her.

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My country is the world, and my religion is to do good.


Where did you get that idea?

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I can't get through to Trying.


Can I have a moment with him?

When he heard the news, he was dumbfounded.

Hold in your stomach.


He bought a number of books at the bookstore.

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I'll get Eric to listen.

Let's ask if it's true.

Srivatsan didn't come to school last week.


Has anyone seen them?

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Children are quick to accustom themselves to new surroundings.

In the morning, the witch gave the girl two pieces of linen to weave before night, and the boy a pile of wood to cut into chips.

What line is he in?


I'm ready to begin.

Future needs past.

The home is the woman's world, the world is the man's home.

O that I had so much power!

That's happened to me many times.

May he live long!

We have more important things to do right now.

God heard my prayers.

OMG! I didn't know that!

Shaw and Shankar never took their eyes off each other.

Nancy is having a chat with her friends.

I should've been with Lenora.

He handled the affairs of the company badly.

Ti needs a coat.

The moon shines at night.

It sounds like we've got a deal.

The leaves are falling slowly.

She began to get the feel of her new office.

Can I talk to you a moment?

You mistreated her.

The students are afraid to speak out.


There's no excuse for his delay.

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Is she afraid of death?

He's a shifty character and I don't trust him one bit.

It is a lot of fun to listen to music.

He delayed payment on some pretext or other.

We've all seen it.


We're ready to play.


A funny thing happened to me on the way here today.


I asked him to play the guitar.

I hope he sees this.

Tickets are free on a first-come, first-serve basis on the night of the performance.

What can I get rid of?

America was a mainly agricultural society.


Having slept well last night, I feel very fine this morning.

Don't you get it?

Mr. Sato speaks English well.

I admire the adamance with which you protect your son.

She is very fond of flowers.

I'd like to know where you stand.

Is there a TV in the room?


I live here all year round now.

When you look for an annual diary, what's the most important thing you look for?

The exact same thing happened to me.

Yvonne ordered mineral water.

I think you'll find it interesting.

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She was bitten by a wild animal.

It looks like Google deprecated that functionality.

How does this bear on my future?

The refugees' stories are heartbreaking.

What would Betty do if she found out?

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Krzysztof wasn't able to solve the problem.

I hope I'm not the only one who'll be there.

Radioactive contamination was detected in spinach and edible chrysanthemum.

They were left to fend for themselves.

Please enter a telephone number where you can be contacted during the day, too.


That clown is frightening.

I feel honored to make your acquaintance.

Are you going to school by bus?


They know who we are.

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The second document is a letter addressed to the King, written by the Parliament of Paris.

We were saved, but a price had to be paid.

It cannot be described in words.

She's a real friend.

I'll need some help with this task because I don't get the basics.

I can't talk to anyone else.

Often, the difference between what you are and what you want to be causes bad mood and insecurity.

Why are you still not sleeping?

I had a busy day today.


That changes nothing.

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My house is big, pink and white.

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In order to distract the population from their true intrigues, the politicians devised some half-hearted reforms.


Don't be afraid of seeing the doctor.

Noemi translated a letter from French to English for his boss.

He walked his horse to the gate.

Kee became suspicious.

Would you be willing to bet your life on it?

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Can you see the toolbar at the bottom of the screen?

I was at the party.

You're scaring him.

This is not about my capabilities. Even if I never had heard the slightest sound of english, I still could kneel down and put my face on the ground to show my submission. But who can force me into that?

I don't see that happening.


Should I get him for you?


What makes you think he had anything to do with it?

I will make up for it next time.

The only solution is to escape.

That's where Alastair worked.

Maybe I'll even get to meet Knut.

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Within hours, the world knew the news.

I have found a dead cockroach in the meeting room.

Many moons ago, I was a seaman.

She had hardly entered the cabin when the light went out.

When Dan complained about the loud music, Linda mocked him.


This car isn't worth repairing.


We have located Heinrich.

He may well be fired.

This is all I have left.

Why do we need them here?

The damp weather affects his health.

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Pierette has figured it out.


Today I received a splendid news.


She often sits there reading a book.


Marian had a son.

Were you comfortable?

I was with her this afternoon.

You have to admit you have a problem before anybody can help you.

Jane seems stoic.

You'll soon get accustomed to this cold weather.

Bill just wanted to comfort Monica, but she interpreted it as romantic interest.

I once went to Boston with them.

Do you want to go to the movies tomorrow?

That's not going to happen to me.

You left the car headlights on.

The air conditioner is out of order.

Nelken has a healthy life style.

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Jump as high as you can.


Everybody tells me their problems.

Back then it was different.

I'm fed up with Adlai's behavior.